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13 May 2014

STORM Author: Vanessa Wright

Vanessa Wright, as you may have gathered, is also a member of the Pretoria Writers’ Group. She is the consummate editor of our group and edited all the stories for both STORM Volume I and STORM Volume II. Once you’ve read it all, you’ll understand how grateful we all are to her. Vanessa’s contributions for this project were A Storm in a Teacup and Dandelions for Mother, which can be found in Volumes I and II respectively.
1. How did you come up with the concept for your covers?
I needed something dramatic for Dandelions for Mother and something funny and cartoon-like for A Storm in a Teacup. The idea was already in my mind, but the execution was quite difficult as I painted several designs for A Storm in a Teacup and ended up throwing them all away. Stories tend to tell you what they need as a cover if you are willing to listen and be open to new ideas.

2. Did you design it yourself or have help? If you had help, who helped you and on which aspect/s?
I had help with the more technical details of the cover. Trevor Connel, a budding graphic designer did the final touches, such as defining outlines etc.

3. Which software works best for you in the creation of your covers and why?
Photoshop, photoshop and more photoshop. Simply because this is what I can work with. I am technologically impaired, but have ceased using Tip-ex or white-out on the screen.

4. Of all the covers you've designed or had assistance with, which one is your favourite? Please provide a link.
The Knowledge of Existence without a doubt. The eerie, sinister cover portrays something of the mindset in which the story is written.


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