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8 May 2014

STORM Author: Natalie Rivener

My second STORM guest is Natalie Rivener. Natalie is a fantasy writer and both her stories feature in STORM Volume I and are currently available as individual stories on Smashwords. She has written two beautiful stories called Beyond and The Gravic Exacerbation.

1. How did you come up with the concept for your covers?
Well, I sat down and went…what am I sure I can draw and paint myself that won’t look lame? Also, when I read a book, my favourite part is when I manage to point out the moment in the story that is on the cover. So, I wanted to make sure that the cover pictures showed identifiable scenes or moments in my stories.
My cover for Beyond comes from about two thirds into the story where Wirrol creates a magic sceptre.

For The Gravic Exacerbation, I chose a moment where Corvic looks up at the University of Yithnisia, not knowing if his apprentice, Jaten, will be able to escape the magical storm that is tearing the University apart.


2.Did you design it yourself or have help? If you had help, who helped you and on which aspect/s?
Yep. Since I started dreaming of writing, I already knew that I would want to do the cover illustrations myself. I love drawing and painting, and I love fantasy cover art. It’s just one of those things. And, with the magic of GIMP 2, I managed to add in the necessary text. Yay me!

3.Which software works best for you in the creation of your covers and why?
I actually haven’t tried more than GIMP 2. I guess, it’s because it’s the only software I can afford at this stage. Hahaha!

4.Of all the covers you've designed or had assistance with, which one is your favourite? Please provide a link.
Most assuredly, my cover for Beyond (
https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/433041). It catches the eye. It’s pretty. And it just makes me happy. ^_^

Both Natalie’s stories can be found in STORM Volume I

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