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29 May 2014

STORM Author: Charmain Lines

Charmain Lines  is also one of the founding member's of the Pretoria Writers’ Group. Charmain is the only member in the group who actually writes professionally for a living. In 2013, Charmain published her first novel, Unfinished Business. Her contribution for STORM Volume II is called Once Upon a Storm.

1. How did you come up with the concept for your covers?
I cheated a bit! My sister, who was my first beta reader, is an exceptionally visual person and I asked her for an idea. The concept she suggested was just perfect.

2. Did you design it yourself or have help? If you had help, who helped you and on which aspect/s?
The design work was done by Graham Hankin, a talented graphic designer with whom I often collaborate on projects.

3. Which software works best for you in the creation of your covers and why?
N/A (I don’t do the actual design work, so can’t answer this)

4. Of all the covers you've designed or had assistance with, which one is your favourite? Please provide a link.
My favourite cover is that of my novel Unfinished Business. The image (a photograph that a friend of mine took in a forest in Ireland) captures the essence of the story perfectly.

You can connect with Charmain online at:

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