"And above all watch with glittering eyes the world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." - Roald Dahl

24 April 2014


Since I’ve embarked into this Indie world of writing, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how friendly and willing everyone is to help each other out with tips and tricks of getting by in the industry. As a virtual unknown, the kindness of (writing) strangers has made such an impact on me that I’ve decided to pay-it-forward.

If you are an Indie author, in the beginning-ish stage of your writing career and looking for a place to promote your upcoming / current work, then there could be a place for you on my blog: http://www.carmenbotman1.blogspot.com. I'd love to help with your promotion!

I will be hosting a particular genre each month (an idea from my good friend and fellow writer Linzé Brandon). If your novelette, novella, novel or novels fall into any of the categories below and you would like for me to host you, then please read further.

* YA / NA: June 2014
* Sci-Fi: July 2014
* Fantasy: August 2014
* Drama & Children’s Books: September 2014
* Horror /Paranormal: October 2014
* Thriller / Mystery / Suspense: November 2014
* Romance (no content with an 18+ age restriction please): December 2014

If your novel is a mish-mash of genres, you can decide which category suits it best. Each author will be asked to submit an author photo, a brief author bio (no more than 150 words), book cover photo, synopsis of book (no more than 500 words), author links (blog, social media, etc.) and buy links for your novel. Each author will also be asked to answer 4 or 5 questions about themselves.

Interested? If yes, please send me an email with AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT in the subject line to carmenbotmanwriter@gmail.com and I’ll be in touch.

Please note: I will only be able to host 4 or 5 authors per month. First come – first serve. The date for hosting a specific author will be at my discretion. I will not be able to accommodate specific date requests. I reserve the right to host or not host an author.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Happy writing

10 April 2014

Author Spotlight: A. Katie Rose - In a Wolf's Eyes

IN A WOLF'S EYES: The Saga of the Black Wolf: Book One

Raine is a slave, a gladiator. Known as the Bloody Wolf, he is the champion of all champions in the Empire of Khalid. Ly’Tana is a warrior princess of Kel’Halla and is set to wed the heir to Khalid’s throne, Crown Prince Broughton. When Raine and his new wizard pal, Rygel, accidentally murder the High King, they set in motion events rapidly spiraling out of control. Ly’Tana discovers the true, and violent, nature of her betrothed, a man nicknamed Prince Brutal for his vicious nature, and escapes her marriage.

But Brutal will stop at nothing to have her for his wife. To entice his runaway bride into a trap, he brings down and captures her griffin bodyguard, Bar. Ly’Tana vows to have Bar back or die trying. She seeks the help of Raine and Rygel, and frees Bar from Brutal’s clutches. Yet, in doing so, Raine and Ly’Tana are forced to flee for their lives, hunted by Brutal’s secretive assassins.

Can they escape the hunters and their silent, evil hounds? Can Ly’Tana evade Brutal’s hungry need to marry her and seize her beloved country? Can Raine keep Ly’Tana alive and still save himself from capture and torture? Can they stop themselves from falling in love?

Thus begins the first novel of The Saga of the Black Wolf series.


A. Katie Rose is a Colorado native, and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Western State College in Gunnison, Colorado. She enjoys riding, teaching and learning from horses, likes camping, reading novels, watching movies and, of course, lives to write fantasy books. She currently works as a photographer in San Antonio, Texas, and is a slave to her six cats and four horses.  “In a Wolf’s Eyes” is her first novel. 
Follow A. Katie Rose on Twitter at @AKatieRose
Where to purchase In a Wolf's Eyes:

3 April 2014

Camp Nanowrimo!

Yes, it's that time again! Camp Nanowrimo time!

This is the first camp that I'll be doing. I usually do the original Nanowrimo which takes place in November every year, where everyone has to write 50 000 words in a month. I attempted this in 2012 for the first time and managed to surpass the target by about 200 words.

Last year I only managed 22 500 words and was left feeling a bit disappointed. It was about halfway through the month when I realised that I wasn't going to finish and just made peace with it.

But I'm back for camp this year. The nice thing about Camp Nanowrimo is that you're able to set the target yourself. So I've set my wordcount target at 25 000 words, which works out roughly to about 833 words a day. This sounds fairly manageable. At the moment I'm actually slightly ahead on target, so that's always a good thing. Plus there's a possibility that I may have a day off from work on Friday - so more writing time there! Also, the cool things about camp is that you get placed in a cabin with cabin mates from all over. I've been placed in a random cabin - everyone seems nice so far.

So wish me luck! Better yet, why not join me? Just click on the links above to find out more. April is going to be a busy month!